Goldfinch Finder - Ready-Filled 2 Port Nyjer Feeder Goldfinch Finder - Ready-Filled 2 Port Nyjer Feeder
Jacobi Jayne Goldfinch Finder - Ready-Filled 2 Port Nyjer Feeder £5.99
See if you can lure these beautiful finches into your own garden with this temptingly-priced feeder that's ready-filled with'niger seed. Just hang up the Goldfinch Taster using the stainless steel hook and you're all ready to go. Twin seed ports are complemented by dual perch hoops that provide a sure footing for feeding finches. The colourful base clicks off in a moment for cleaning and easy top-ups. ' Even if you're unsure whether there are goldfinches in your area, then this smart little feeder makes a great way to find out. Visitors may come in days, or weeks, but the chances of success are good – and they're getting better all the time as UK populations keep rising. Comes Pre-filled with Niger seed.A great way to see if you can attract Goldfinches and other niger eating birds into your garden,before spending a lot of money on a bigger feeder.
Squirrel Buster - Finch Nyjer Feeder Squirrel Buster - Finch Nyjer Feeder
Jacobi Jayne Squirrel Buster - Finch Nyjer Feeder £59.00
Squirrel Buster Finch The squirrel proof feeder that's finch friendly Squirrel Buster uses patented, proven technology to stop marauding mammals in their tracks. The weight of raiding squirrels automatically blocks access to feeder ports, while allowing visiting birds to feed freely. This finch-friendly version features specially-sized ports to dispense tiny niger seed, with four dual-level ports providing excellent access for perching birds. ' Patented design: already proven with over 3,500,000'customers worldwide For niger seeds Easy to fill and clean Appeals to perching and clinging birds Lifetime Guarantee RRP £59.99 Dimensions: 135W x 530H x 135D mm. Capacity: 1.4 litres.
CJ Wildlife - Metal 4 Port Nyjer Feeder CJ Wildlife - Metal 4 Port Nyjer Feeder
CJ Wildlife CJ Wildlife - Metal 4 Port Nyjer Feeder £18.99
Nyjer'seed is particularly fine - too fine for a standard seed feeder - and should be fed from one of our specialist Nyjer feeders designed with smaller gauge feeding ports than standard seed feeders to minimise the amount of food that is lost from the feeder. Nyjer Seed was introduced to the European wild bird food market many years ago. This fine textured seed, rich in oil, is often regarded as a highly beneficial food for garden birds and is thought to have played a significant role in increasing population numbers of Goldfinch and other declining species, such as Lesser Redpolls in recent years. Offering Nyjer can help to attract these species to your garden if you have them in the area. This feeder has metal ports,top and base and holds approx 600g of Niger seed. It measures approx 37cm tall,including the handle RRP £18.99
Ring Pull - 2 Port Nyjer Feeder Ring Pull - 2 Port Nyjer Feeder
Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull - 2 Port Nyjer Feeder £10.99
Ring-Pull Niger Feeder The perfect way to offer small niger seed that goldfinches love This wonderful Ring-Pull birdfeeder sports specially-sized ports for offering tiny niger seed that goldfinches flock to in many gardens. Like all Ring-Pull models it's brilliantly easy to clean, and every single part can be replaced in moments with no tools needed. For a quick clean each time you refill, the twist-off base removes to let uneaten husks and seeds escape. For a really thorough clean, just pull the pin and all parts separate completely: no other feeder's like it. 0.5 litre, 2 ports, 180mm tube height Available in green' Ring-Pull Niger Feeder can be hung or mounted on our Garden Pole. For complete peace of mind it's covered by a manufacturers two year warranty. RRP £10.99