National Trust - Insect Tower National Trust - Insect Tower
National Trust National Trust - Insect Tower £32.00
Insects are integral to achieving a balanced ecosystem in your garden. Species such as ladybirds and lacewings will help to control aphids, and bees deliver an essential pollination service. You can encourage a wide range of beneficial insects into your garden by providing nesting sites and refuges. This Insect Tower is specifically designed to house several insect species. The tubes at the top of the hotel are designed for solitary bees, such as Red Mason Bees, to lay their eggs. There is also a green floor that will encourage butterflies as well as a section that has openings specifically for ladybirds and lacewings. RRP £32.99 Width 21cm Height 65cm Depth 12.5cm THIS ITEM IS NOT ALWAYS KEPT IN STOCK.PLEASE ALLOW A SHORT DELAY BEFORE DELIVERY.
National Trust - Apex Insect House National Trust - Apex Insect House
National Trust National Trust - Apex Insect House £24.99
An attractive design small insect house made from FSC solid timber. Stands 29cm tall and features a hanging hook. Features numberous bamboo canes and blocks with holes to provide nesting and hibernating places for a variety of insects. Place in a warm sunny location close to plants to attract insects. RRP £24.99 THIS ITEM IS NOT HELD IN STOCK. PLEASE ALLOW A COUPLE OF WEEKS FOR DELIVERY