Bucktons - Energy Balls, 150pcs Box Bucktons - Energy Balls, 150pcs Box
Bucktons Bucktons - Energy Balls, 150pcs Box £21.99
Bucktons Wild Bird Energy Balls include a selection of small seeds which are a great source of energy and nutrition. This, along with the high fat content, will help to attract a wide variety of popular garden birds. Manufactured in the UK, our energy balls offer a quality and consistent product Recommended for all year round feeding but an excellent winter food Netless fatballs Suitable for use in fat snax feeders, on bird tables and ground feeding Packaged in 6's for extra freshness. Vat Free! RRP £21.99
Suet To Go - Insect Suet Balls, 150pcs Box Suet To Go - Insect Suet Balls, 150pcs Box
Suet To Go Suet To Go - Insect Suet Balls, 150pcs Box £28.00
People have fed birds with fatballs for many years but sometimes they can be a bit hard and prove tough to eat! These new suet balls are much softer and easier to feed on. These 90g Suet balls contain no fillers and are made from only the highest quality beef suet, wheat flour, peanut, millet seed, linseed, rapeseed and insects. They are roughly the same size as standard fatballs. In a box of 150 which are vat free so even more economical! RRP £29.99
Fatballs, 1pcs Loose
Bucktons Fatballs, 1pcs Loose £0.25
An extremely popular high energy food source that is especially beneficial in cold weather, and during the spring when there are hungry babies to feed. Each 95 gram Fatball contains a mix of suet,fat,seeds and nuts and should be fed from a suitable feeder or can be placed on bird tables. Fat balls are popular with a wide range of birds including Woodpeckers and Starlings. We now get our stock of No nets fatballs in boxes of 150 and can count out however many you need into a bag. Individually they are 25p each but you can buy 50 and they drop to 16p each. If you can store the whole box of 150, the price drops to 14.33p each! Keep your old fatball tubs to store these in! Order as many as you need. ''Click HERE to see our range of fatball feeders.
Peckish - Extra Goodness Balls, 12pcs Pack Peckish - Extra Goodness Balls, 12pcs Pack
Peckish Peckish - Extra Goodness Balls, 12pcs Pack £3.99
Our Peckish Extra Goodness Balls are packed with a high protein and fat content, sure to provide birds with the very best nutrients. These suet balls consist of high energy sunflower seeds and peanuts, the added peanut aroma will certainly get them interested. What sets our suet balls apart is that they do not contain extra added wheat to bulk up the product and no calcium carbonate as a filler making these our very best energy balls. Designed to feed birds with only the best nutrition without unnecessary additives. Feeders: Fatball Feeders Ingridients: Wheat Flour, Peanuts, Black Sunflowers, Beef Tallow, Additives: Colourant, Peanut Flavouring Warnings: Not for human consumption, May contain nuts