Supa - Squirrel Feeder Supa - Squirrel Feeder
Supa Supa - Squirrel Feeder £19.95
Discourage squirrels from raiding and damaging bird feeders by providing them with their own dedicated feeder which offers easy access to food. All the squirrel has to do is lift the lid and take food as required, much simpler than a bird feeder! Just be patient and give them a chance to work it out. Can be filled with Nuts, Seeds or our specially blended Gardman Squirrel food. ' Width11cm Height20.5cm Depth25cm Capacity460g
CJ Wildlife - Tofino Squirrel Feeder CJ Wildlife - Tofino Squirrel Feeder
CJ Wildlife CJ Wildlife - Tofino Squirrel Feeder £19.95
Give your Squirrels their own food supply, and the hope is they'll leave your bird feeders alone! Fix this feeder to a wall or post and fill with peanuts,seeds or squirrel food and the squirrels soon learn to lift the lid to gain access. Colour Green Capacity 890g Width 12cm Height 25cm Length 29cm