Magenta - Bat Detector Carrying Case Magenta - Bat Detector Carrying Case
Magenta Magenta - Bat Detector Carrying Case £14.95
This case is for use with both the'Magenta Bat 4'and'Magenta Bat 5'bat detectors. It will protect your detector from accidental bumps and scratches and has a convenient belt loop'which is handy for when you're out and about.' The hard case has a zip around 3 sides and is olive green in colour.'
Magenta - Bat4 Bat Detector
Magenta Magenta - Bat4 Bat Detector £70.00
A great way to locate and identify Bat species. The ultrasonic detector picks up the bats calls and squeaks and turns them into sounds we can hear. Each Bat species calls at different frequencies so by adjusting the dial you should be able to tell which species it is. With a Magenta Bat Detector you can listen to ultrasonic chirps, smacks and clicks from these amazing creatures. Special circuitry detects the human-inaudible sounds emitted by bats and processes them into a form that human hearing can discern. The Magenta Bat4 Bat Detector is a completely new detector developed from our experience with previous designs.' All the good features of the original are there, including high level audio output, and built-in front-facing weatherproof loudspeaker.' * Advanced low noise IC preamplifier stage * high stability 'easy tuning' linear heterodyne oscillator * New audio circuits * Increased gain and sensitivity * Convenient bottom mounted headphone socket (mutes Loudspeaker) * Line level tape recorder socket - constant level regardless of volume control * Top lit calibrated frequency dial RRP £71.60 We also have a field guide available to help you identify bats. There is also a case to fit this detector. '
Magenta - Bat5 Digital Bat Detector
Magenta Magenta - Bat5 Digital Bat Detector £105.00
The Magenta Bat 5 is a handheld Superheterodyne Bat Detector with an illuminated easy to read LCD frequency display. It is a fantastic entry-level detector which converts bat ultrasonic signals into the human audible range so that you can hear their calls. The Magenta Bat 5 has a dial to allow you to listen to the required frequency and an LCD display which displays the frequency that the detector is tuned into. We also sell a case for these bat detectors. Magenta Bat 5 Features * Clear backlit 4 digit LCD frequency display - Quartz accurate * Large digits - highly visible for day and night use * Enhanced oscillator frequency range 10kHz to 130kHz * Extended low frequency coverage - suitable for insects and some birds * Custom moulded compact efficient design * Specially contoured microphone housing for enhanced frequency sensitivity * requires 4 x AAA Alkaline, NiCd, or NiMH 'environmentally friendly' rechargeable cells (not provided) * Low power design gives very long battery life * Top illuminated large diameter frequency dial * Conveniently placed output sockets on the bottom edge of the case * Constant level recorder output socket * Headphone socket which automatically mutes loudspeaker * Build in LED torch * Edgewise volume and frequency controls for easy one-handed operation * Wrist strap for added security and convenience when taking notes. RRP £107.42